McAfee Adopts Anti-Virus Support For Intel Itanium Processor

McAfee, a division of Network Associates has developed increased anti-virus scanning performance and support for Intel Itanium-based systems.

According to Coradiant Research, Itanium-based systems can provide up to a twelve-fold performance improvement for online security transactions over proprietary RISC designs. The Itanium architecture also includes unique reliability features via its Enhanced Machine Check Architecture, enabling error detection, correction and logging as well as Error-Correcting Code (ECC) and parity checking features.

Itanium processors will feature 2 and 4 MB of L3 cache and 800 and 733 MHz frequency speeds. The McAfee anti-virus technology that will support the Itanium processor is the core component of the McAfee family of products, including VirusScan software for desktops, GroupShield software for e-mail servers, WebShield appliances for Internet gateways, as well as McAfee's complete line of consumer anti-virus products.

McAfee specializes in protecting e-businesses from security breaches and virus attacks. Recently, it has increased its focus on the burgeoning mobile and wireless marketplace, developing the VirusScan Wireless family of products. McAfee is also actively addressing the service provider market through McAfee ASaP, which offers Internet security and virus protection tailored for that space.

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