PentaSafe Offers Free BEA Screening

PentaSafe is offering a free “Lite” version of its VigilEnt Security Agent for BEA WebLogic to owners of the BEA WebLogic server so that they can check for security vulnerabilities in the system.

This “Lite version” of VigilEnt Security Agent for BEA WebLogic runs a quick audit of the top security vulnerabilities that may exist on the WebLogic server and issues a report to the user that highlights potential risks. The Lite version can be downloaded and run on most systems in about 10 minutes. The full version of the VigilEnt Security Agent for BEA WebLogic goes beyond initial risk assessment to provide recommendations on how to secure identified risks and lock down the system. The program then continuously monitors, detects and reports suspicious security activities or incidents if they occur.

“With all of the exposure that Internet security breaches are getting in the news right now, every company with an Internet presence needs to take extra measures to ensure they are protected. We’re offering BEA WebLogic users a quick, easy and free way to check the security of their WebLogic implementations and identify any backdoors that they may have been left open,” explains Steve Kahan, vice president of marketing for PentaSafe. “This download is a scaled down version of PentaSafe’s VigilEnt Security Agent for BEA WebLogic software that ensures rapid, secure deployment of BEA’s Java Application Server.”

VSA for BEA WebLogic and VSA Lite for BEA WebLogic are both immediately available. A free copy is available for download from PentaSafe’s Web site at or from BEA’s Web site at