Lakeview Offers New Set of iSeries Classes for Developers

Managed availability player Lakeview Technology has launched a new series of professional education offerings for iSeries developers. The programs will be among the first offered from Lakeview’s recently renovated classroom facilities in Oak Brook, Ill.

The classes cover IBM’s Client Access Express software, WebSphere, RPG, COBOL and SQL.

Lakeview’s Client Access Express class is designed to give developers a sense of the capabilities they have in using IBM’s latest Windows-based user interface for iSeries. It covers the solution’s centralized administration features; Secure Sockets Layer network security; and TCP/IP communications.

The Introduction to WebSphere class covers graphical interfaces for iSeries, as well as Installation and configuration. And the Embedded SQL program is designed to teach RPG and COBOL programmers how to use the concepts of embedded SQL to replace standard language I/O statements.

In Lakeview’s new classrooms, each student learning stations has a 1GHz PC with large flat-panel monitor, programmable one-touch keyboard and Windows 2000/Office 2000 software. The student PCs are tied to a high-performance iSeries model 720 using AS/400 client access in all classes covering iSeries and AS/400 topics.

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