Lansa’s Development Tools Get 9.0 Upgrade

Lansa Inc., a provider of application development tools for the iSeries, has released the 9.0 version of its flagship product, furnishing it with a number of new features for building robust systems.

The upgrade, Lansa Version 9.0, touches the entire line of Lansa tools and solutions, including Lansa for the Web and Lansa for Windows.

For the Web, Lansa has added an e-business framework in an effort to help developers avoid performing timely customizations for Web applications. In addition, Lansa has added XML and WML support to its Web application development tool, as well as cross-functionality with its iSeries and Windows-based tools.

As part of the security additions made under version 9.0, data transmission through the Lansa Open and Super Server offerings are now protected using either the Data Encryption Standard algorithm or Twofish cryptographic algorithm.

Version 9.0 gives Windows-based developers the opportunity to host multiple sessions a single Windows development environment. And, under 9.0, the Windows’ Function Editor has been replace by Lansa’s visual editing tool, which was previously only available for components.

Lansa for Windows no longer requires an iSeries and developers can now use it to deploy Web applications. Updated database support for later versions of Oracle, Microsoft SQL and Sybase Adaptive Server are also included in the 9.0 release.

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