ShowCase Brings Statistical Software to iSeries

ShowCase, a business intelligence provider that was acquired in February by SPSS, has iSeries-enabled its new parent company’s enterprise-level statistical software. In turn, ShowCase will begin marketing the solution to its current customers as a powerful solution for applying statistical methods to their business data.

The SPSS Distributed Analysis Architecture has two components: SPSS for Windows – the client-based user interface – and SPSS Server, which allows users to perform statistical calculations on a central server. Centralizing calculations enables users to operate on large data sets faster and use computer resources more efficiently.

ShowCase believes the SPSS DAA will help companies quickly discover new patters and relationships in their data. ShowCase will be responsible for marketing SPSS DAA to iSeries users worldwide. A separate division of the company, SPSS BI, markets the solution on other platforms.

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