California Software Web-Enables Unibol

Integrating its recently acquired Unibol technology with an existing solution, midrange migration specialist California Software is trying to reach customers looking to move applications to the Web.

California Software this week announced it has packaged the Unibol 400 development environment with its Web-enabling technology to create a new offering called Unibol 400 for the Web. With the offering, Unibol 400 users will be able to deploy applications on the Web without redevelopment using California Software’s graphical interface and COM technology.

California Software’s Baby line of products are tailored to enable Web-to-host migration, as well as AS/400 to Windows, Unix and Linux environments. The mindshare California Software has gained in working with its Baby solution set was used in the development of Unibol 400 for the Web.

"Our plan is to provide a common graphical interface for AS/400-based applications regardless of platform. We also believe we provide the easiest-to-use, fastest-to-deploy Web enablement product for the AS/400 and iSeries," said Carol Conway, California Software’s president in a statement.

California Software acquired Unibol 400 and Unibol 36 from Unicomp Inc. in November of 2000 and has had a somewhat difficult relationship with Unicomp since. Originally, California Software was to support Unicomp’s existing Unibol users under an agreement the two companies had reached. However, due to what California Software describes as a failure on Unicomp’s part to live up to its commitments under the arrangement, California Software is no longer supporting Unicomp’s Unibol users and will not be making Unibol for the Web available to that customer base.

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