Original Software Adds Features to Testing Solutions

Original Software has released the latest versions of its TestBench400 and Extractor400 testing environments to take advantage of IBM’s recent release of OS/400 V5R1.

The new releases, TestBench400 v2.4 and Extractor400 v2.4, leverage the added power of V5R1 with enhanced support for library lists, providing up to 250 libraries compared to earlier versions that support a maximum of 25 libraries.

In addition, TestBench400 now includes a new feature called TBWait, which allows a developer to pause a test until all previous jobs have been executed. It also now has an option to print out a test run report and enables spool file access from a test results screen.

Beyond its expanded support for library lists, the new version of Extractor400 offers data case types that enable data to be amended as it is moved to the target file – or deleted from the source file as it is moved. And new data sampling facilities precisely control the quantities and balance of the data being extracted, to meet exact business needs. And all definitions and changes are stored so the extraction can be repeated, reviewed and audited at any time.

TestBench400 v2.4 and Extractor400 v2.4 are available immediately.

For more information, visit www.origsoft.com (new window).