Sun’s 24-Way is the Only Way

On Monday, Sun Microsystems Inc. announced a benchmark world record for PeopleSoft 8 General Ledger. A part of PeopleSoft's Financial Management solution, PeopleSoft General Ledger (GL) gives customers extensive financial control, flexible system design, streamlined global processing and audience-relevant reporting. The 24-way configured Sun Fire 6800 Midframe server running the Solaris 8 Operating Environment (OE) achieved double the overall performance of its nearest comparably configured competitor.

Configured with 24 750 MHz UltraSPARC III CPUs and 48 GB of memory, the Sun Fire 6800 server achieved the world's best result with 9,560,229 Journal Lines per hour for PeopleSoft 8 General Ledger with Combination Editing, Extra-Large Volume Model. Benchmark tests were also run without Combination Editing, resulting in the Sun Fire server showing a 45 percent performance advantage over the nearest competitor.

The Sun Fire 6800 server demonstrated an unprecedented level of system availability with its unique redundancy features that make it resilient to failures without degrading performance. Particularly, Sun's innovative redundant component interconnection technology, which is not available in competitive systems' designs, enhances its performance with its ability to dynamically split one system into multiple systems, duplicate hardware components and expand the number of processors while work is in progress. To test the Midframe's resiliency, one of the system clocks was removed, in addition to half of the system interconnect and portions of power and cooling. Even with these simulated system failures, the Sun Fire 6800 24-way Midframe server experienced no degradation of performance.

The workload created by the PeopleSoft 8 General Ledger Benchmark represents Large Batch runs typical of many different data center workloads, which is greater than any other standard benchmark. The tables being updated in the test are part of a complex schema with 10,065 tables as opposed to TPC-C's simple 9-table database. Sun Fire systems are equally proficient at running DSS databases as represented by the recent TPC-H SF1000 record on both a price performance and a per-CPU basis.

This most recent world record marks the third for the Sun Fire 6800 Midframe server on PeopleSoft applications. The Sun Fire 6800 server with 6 CPUs was the previous owner of the PeopleSoft 8 General Ledger benchmark record.