Get the Gist: Alis to Use IBM WebSphere for Site Translation

Alis Technologies Inc. announced on Monday that it will incorporate the IBM WebSphere Translation Server into the Alis server farm that provides Internet clients with Gist-In-Time, the online language comprehension solution. The Gist-In-Time server farm is currently used by clients like Netscape, Sympatico-Lycos, and BellZinc, and gives visitors and users "gists" of Web pages. A gist allows users to comprehend electronic documents such as Web pages in their preferred language in just seconds.

The IBM WebSphere Translation Server will provide Alis' Gist-In-Time Internet solution with the following language pairs: English to/from Italian, English to German, English to Japanese, English to Simplified Chinese, English to Traditional Chinese and English to Korean, according to the company this will make Alis the Internet's largest provider of Asian language pairs.

The agreement is an extension of a relationship announced in March when Alis announced that it was offering the IBM WebSphere Translation Server to large corporations (Global 2000) wishing to store the solutions on their own servers. The IBM WebSphere Translation Server offers real-time automated translation for 12 language pairs and a module that lets organizations build specialized dictionaries.

Gist-In-Time's complete line of language pairs now includes: English to/from French, English to/from Spanish, English to/from Italian, English to/from Portuguese, English to/from German, English to/from Japanese, English to/from Traditional Chinese, English to/from Simplified Chinese, French to/from Russian, French to/from German, and expects English to Korean to be available soon.

Designed for business customers and running on NT, AIX and Solaris, the IBM WebSphere Translation Server can translate up to 500 words per second.

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