Lotus, IBM Solutions to Work More Closely Together

This week at IBM’s Solutions conference in San Francisco, Lotus Software revealed tighter integration between Domino and the K-station portal with IBM’s WebSphere Application and Portal Servers and DB2.

The latest version of Lotus Domino, code-named Rnext, will be linked more closely with WebSphere Application Server and DB2. Meanwhile, IBM and Lotus plan to merge WebSphere Portal Server with Lotus K-station portal software to create a single portal platform.

By creating a closer link between Domino and WebSphere and DB2, Lotus and IBM are giving developers more options. Domino developers will gain access to the data management capabilities of DB2, and share Java Server Page (JSP) capabilities with WebSphere. DB2 and WebSphere developers, on the other hand, will be able to more easily add collaborative features to B2B data applications through Domino.

Current integration points between Lotus Domino and WebSphere includeSingle Sign-on, which creates a shared authentication environment forbrowsers and for Java code. Lotus Domino Rnext adds support for Java server pages, including a new JSP tag library, which will deliver Lotus Domino collaboration to WebSphere developers.

For enterprise applications with high-scale data requirements,Lotus Domino Rnext with Lotus Enterprise Integrator can use DB2 as theprimary data source, allowing it to operate in a multi-tier applicationarchitecture which will extend the flexibility and scalability of LotusDomino applications.

The merging of IBM WebSphere Portal Server and Lotus K-station adds the collaborative and user interface components of Lotus K-station to WebSphere Portal Server.