Symtrax Releases New Bravo Distribution Tool for iSeries

In a move to give iSeries vendor more flexibility to quickly develop and package custom installation programs, distribution software specialist Symtrax has released Bravo Professional.

Symtrax is positioning Bravo Professional as an inexpensive solution for packaging, distributing and installing iSeries software programs. The offering cuts costs particularly by enabling the use of low-cost distribution methods such as e-mail, download from a Web site or FTPserver, or burning a PC CD-ROM.

A Windows-based program, Bravo Professional is an extension of Symtrax’s existing Bravo line. It leverages the capabilities of two Bravo modules, Bravo Express and Bravo Scripter.

Bravo Express allows users to package native iSeries objects, IFS files and PC files into a Bravo file format for installation on destination iSeries systems. The Bravo files can contain any combination of objects or files originating from any accessible library or folder. In addition to programs and code, binary objects including multimedia, sound and video can be included in the Bravo file. Packaged objects are compressed up to 80 percent, and the Bravo file can be archived and distributed using common PC file distribution methods.

To add CL commands and an install process, the Bravo file is converted to an installation program with Bravo Scripter. Bravo Scripter converts the Bravo file to a PC executable program for installation on destination iSeries systems.

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