Compaq Joins Entelos to Support Disease Research

Compaq Computer Corporation and Entelos Inc., a company specializing in predictive biosimulation for in silico drug discovery and development, have announced a three-year IT agreement that is intended to provide pioneering technology to support new drug development, disease research and improved patient care.

Under terms of the agreement, Entelos has adopted Compaq's high-performance AlphaServer systems running Tru64 Unix and Compaq ProLiant industry standard servers running Linux as the computational platforms for its current and next-generation high-throughput PhysioLab systems. Entelos' goal is to have a scalable, virtual laboratory that can be integrated with the drug discovery and development processes of its customers. In addition, Compaq and Entelos will undertake joint marketing activities and provide coordinated customer support.

Entelos develops large-scale mathematical models of complex, chronic diseases. Researchers use the virtual experimentation environment of the PhysioLab to rapidly simulate experiments on a computer, using virtual patients, targets and therapies that otherwise could take months or years to accomplish in the laboratory or clinic. Pharmaceutical companies use this information to identify novel pathways, prioritize drug targets and candidates, optimize experiments and clinical trials, understand variable patient responses to treatment and increase productivity throughout the drug development pipeline. Entelos currently has eight major pharmaceutical customers and PhysioLab systems in asthma, obesity and diabetes.

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