IBM Gains U.S. Server Market Share

A report from independent analyst Gartner Dataquest indicates that IBM Corp. gained more than nine points of share in the U.S. server market in the second quarter of 2001, while Sun Microsystems and Dell both lost share. IBM led the computer industry in U.S. server market share for the quarter.

According to Gartner, IBM's share of the U.S. server market in the second quarter increased to 28.6 percent from 19.1 percent in the second quarter of 2000. By contrast, Sun's share decreased to 20.7 percent from 22.4 percent; and Dell's share decreased to 10.5 percent from 11.3 percent.

In sales of servers running Windows, Gartner reported that IBM's share jumped to 12 percent from 5.5 percent in the year-ago quarter, while Compaq plummeted to 25.6 percent from 41.7 percent. In Unix servers, IBM's share of sales increased to 21.2 percent from 15.6 percent, while Sun declined to 43.9 percent from 47.4 percent. Gartner includes Linux revenue in its Unix numbers.

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