Siebel Apps Ready for iSeries

Making good on a promise they made last year, IBM and Siebel Systems have tailored Siebel’s e-business applications for the iSeries.

According to an IBM press release distributed on August 7, 2000, IBM and Siebel had reached an agreement in June of that year to port Siebel’s e-business applications to the AS/400e platform, since renamed iSeries. Monday, IBM and Siebel announced Siebel’s eBusiness 2000 is ready for use on the eServer iSeries platform.

With the development process complete, Siebel’s e-business applications can now be quickly configured for deployment, as well as integrated with back-office and legacy software packages, on the iSeries.

IBM reports that more than 200,000 companies use IBM eServer iSeries to run mission-critical applications such as integrated e-business solutions. Based on these numbers, IBM is expecting adoption of Siebel solutions for the iSeries to be high.

IBM and Siebel have shared working relationship since the Fall of 1999 when the two companies reached an agreement to develop, market and sell integrated e-business solutions.

Under this latest extension of that agreement, Siebel’s e-business applications are immediately available on OS/400 V4R5 systems with a releason for V5R1 expected in the next 60 days.

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