Jacada Acquires Integration Expertise

Jacada Ltd. has acquired Propelis Software, making way for the legacy-enablement specialist to take on more integration projects and compete more actively in that space.

The transaction carries a $6.0 million cash value and a warrant to purchase 350,000 ordinary shares of Jacada stock. The exercise price will be based on the average price of Jacada’s shares for the 20 trading days prior to the closing date of the acquisition, which is expected by the end of this month.

According to Jacada, the acquisition of Propelis will allow it to quickly add more components to its recently announced Jacada Interface Server. However, Propelis is also expected to give Jacada more leverage to pursue strategic options in the legacy-integration market.

Jacada’s Interface Server, which was brought to market in July, is a compilation of Jacada’s line of interface technologies. It is designed to give developers the ability to build graphical user interfaces for legacy applications to be used on the intranet, Internet or on a wireless device. But, it also gives developers the ability to build interfaces independent of applications.

By acquiring Propelis, Jacada is giving itself a bit more independence from legacy applications. However, Jacada says it intends to use its new integration capabilities to complement its existing expertise in the legacy-enablement space.

So, while it will still focus on helping make it easy for developers to build interfaces for legacy applications, Jacada will also have the capability to help customers take on more advances integrative efforts.

Propelis Eai, a solution for integrating data and processes from multiple legacy applications, and Propelis BPm for automating business processes while integrating enterprise systems, a two of the offerings Jacada expects its customers to find immediate use of.

For more information, visit www.jacada.com (new window)