State of Arkansas Soars with SEAGULL Services

The State of Arkansas has contracted SEAGULL to implement its WinJa and TigerRay solutions to enhance its legacy mainframe systems and extend their reach to the Web. SEAGULL will also lay the technical foundation for expanding the State's electronic transaction capabilities in support of strategic e-Government initiatives.

"Our main considerations in selecting a Web-to-host vendor were addressing the needs of our heterogeneous user population and ability to implement systems on time and under budget," says Clarence Durand, Director of Dept. of Information Systems Engineering. "Like many public organizations, we face increasing demand for IT services and we simply have fewer people to do all the necessary tasks in IT and administration. SEAGULL understood exactly what we needed to accomplish, and provided a comprehensive solution."

Using WinJa and TigerRay, the State of Arkansas will Web-enable several State agency applications. The changes are expected to reduce training and operation costs in some areas. For instance, counselors throughout the state at the Arkansas Employment and Retirement System will now enter and receive information in real-time via any Web browser, connect to a larger state network of information and resources (e.g. public schools, libraries, court houses), and eliminate the need to rely on 3270-only access.

"The availability of information from anywhere in the field will enable state employees to service our citizens in a more timely fashion," notes Durand.

The State also plans to implement SEAGULL solutions to enhance accessibility and improve workflow at other agencies such as the Tax and Revenue Department and the Arkansas Crime Information Center.

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