Landmark Offers CICS Monitoring Tool

Landmark Systems Corp. has released its new monitoring tool for CICS/TS (VSE). Landmark TMON for CICS/TS (VSE) is designed from the ground up to support IBM’s CICS Transaction Server (TS) platform on the VSE operating system environment.

The product contains the same functionality and features of its predecessor TMON for CICS (VSE), but the new design offers a substantial reduction in overhead. The package makes it possible to quickly solve performance problems such as CICS lockouts, storage shortages and poorly designed application code by providing the ability to monitor real-time transactions and resource utilization using either the internal CICS screens or a standalone batch partition.

“As user of both the alpha and beta versions of TMON for CICS/TS, I’m very excited to see the product go GA,” said Mike Moore, systems programming manager for State of Alabama Judicial Data Center. “Before the release of the new version, TMON for CICS was an important part of our daily routine. Whenever we noticed that the system was acting funny, the first thing we would do was to look at the monitoring screen. It displayed all active tasks and gave us the opportunity to purge or cancel runaway transactions. We also used it for many other tasks, such as tying transaction counts back to specific terminals for monthly billing. The best thing about TMON for CICS/TS is that it has a nearly identical interface and provides us with all the functionality that we have come to depend upon. This is despite the fact that the program has been totally rewritten for optimum performance in the TS environment. There are also a few new features that relate specifically to the TS environment, such as the ability to monitor more dynamic storage areas. All in all, this is just what we were looking for to keep close control of our TS environment.”

Landmark TMON for CICS/TS (VSE) provides a centralized portal to collect and observe recent transaction activity and also provides a daily performance summary. The new tool also provides a high level view of all CICS partitions and their resource utilization across VSE images. The customer has the ability to navigate directly into any CICS or VSE platform. The product also collects historical statistics that can be used to analyze past problems and future trends.

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