UDDI Node Operators Upgrade Java API

Hewlett-Packard Company, IBM Corp. and SAP have updated the UDDI4J application programming interface to meet the requirements of UDDI 2.0, which was just released as a beta in November.

UDDI4J is a Java class library developed originally by IBM as an API for linking into registries based on the universal description, discovery and integration specification. HP, IBM and SAP – three of the four existing UDDI node operators – are working to ensure the adoption of UDDI4J as a universal API among Java-based Web services developers. Microsoft Corp., the other UDDI node operator, is not supporting the UDDI4J API because it is a Java-based technology.

The API consists of two interfaces, one to provide a Web-based link to UDDI registries, and another to enable queries based on the Simple Object Access Protocol specification that coordinate program-to-program communication.

“UDDI4J is a Java library that makes it easy for programmers to take advantage of all the functions of UDDI registries,” says Bob Sutor, director of IBM’s e-business standards strategy. “It hides the complexity of the SOAP and XML constructs.”

The second generation of UDDI4J, which is currently available as a beta with IBM’s Web services toolkit (IBM has had over 10,000 downloads of its Web services toolkit.), has been upgraded to account for the new features of UDDI 2.0. Those new features include the capability to highlight associations between companies and services, as well as more flexibility for categorizing listings.

According to Sutor, HP provided tools and other intellectual property that were pivotal in upgrading UDDI4J API to support the version two release of UDDI. Going forward, Joe McGonnell, HP’s product manager for Web services products, says “HP, along with a number of other companies, is going to be providing tools that enable private implementations of UDDI registries.”

Sutor says, “This group (HP, IBM, SAP) and others joining into it will really make sure we have a first-class set of Java libraries for UDDI.”

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