Insightful Announces S-PLUS® Server Release

Server edition offers integration with S-PLUS® product family, scalability and reliability for production deployment of business analytics

SEATTLE March 9, 2004 Insightful Corporation (NASDAQ: IFUL), a leading provider of software solutions for analysis of numeric and text data, announced today the release of S PLUS® Server 6.2, a software product designed for the development and deployment of analytic applications created with S-PLUS. Web-based deployment of S-PLUS analytics was previously enabled by two separate products: StatServer® and S-PLUS® Analytic Server. S-PLUS Server 6.2 integrates the capabilities of both products with the S-PLUS 6.2 language engine, and adds new functionality for both the development and deployment of analytic applications in a server environment.

"Following our announcement of the acquisition of the S language, S-PLUS Server 6.2 represents an important step in delivering on our vision to provide a seamless environment for the S-PLUS product family, where sophisticated business analytics can be developed on the desktop and then deployed to production without the need for expensive re-implementation," said Jeff Coombs, president and CEO of Insightful. "Now, S-PLUS programmers and other IT professionals can use S-PLUS Server to deploy those applications to mission-critical production environments."

S-PLUS Server Adapts to Changing Business Needs

"We rely on Insightful's server technology to analyze magazine sales and distribution data and deliver informative reports for more than 400 titles daily," said Dilip Patel, Data and Systems Manager, of Time Distribution Services Inc. "Our biggest challenge is delivering an analytic solution that can manage the growing complexity and size of the data we need to analyze, and dynamically create the reports that are essential for the management team to manage our business. As new titles or reports are introduced, we need to be able to integrate new analytics into the production server without delay. The fact that we can quickly develop new applications on the desktop using S-PLUS's rapid prototyping environment and then deliver them to the production server without the need to rewrite the underlying code means that we can react quickly to changing market trends or emerging needs from the management team."

S-PLUS Server Extends the Power and Reach of Analytics

S-PLUS Server provides the tools and interfaces necessary to deliver business analytics to the decision-makers who rely on them. The software includes Application Programmer Interfaces (APIs) for analytic programmers who need to integrate tables and interactive drill-down graphics into Web portals or custom client/server applications, enabling best practices in decision-making enterprise-wide. S-PLUS Server also provides a reliable, integrated and accessible platform for statistical data analysis and reporting via scheduled batch computations. S-PLUS Server can be administered and monitored remotely and provides a detailed audit-trail for error recovery.

S-PLUS Server improves the quality of reporting available in production environments by leveraging graphic capabilities within S-PLUS. New XML-based reporting capabilities allow developers to create detailed reports to exact specifications. Results can be automatically populated from S-PLUS analytics and generated in PDF, HTML or RTF.

S-PLUS Server Scales to Today's Data Sets

The rapid growth of the size and complexity of data within organizations creates a significant challenge for analytic developers and IT managers. S-PLUS Server 6.2 meets this challenge by providing a reliable, scalable platform for production-quality statistical data analysis. By optimizing the memory utilization of Microsoft Windows Server architectures, S-PLUS Server is able to solve 50% larger problems than S PLUS on desktop systems. S-PLUS Server also interfaces with Insightful Miner's unique pipeline architecture, giving application developers the power to pre-process multi-gigabyte data files for computation with S-PLUS Server, or to apply predictive models directly using out-of-memory techniques.


S-PLUS Server is supported on Microsoft Windows Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Sun Solaris, and IBM AIX platforms. S-PLUS Server will be available on March 30, 2004.

About Insightful

Insightful Corporation (NASDAQ:IFUL) provides enterprises with scalable data analysis solutions that drive better decisions faster by revealing patterns, trends and relationships. The company is a leading supplier of software and services for statistical data analysis, data mining and knowledge access enabling clients to gain intelligence from numeric and text data.

Insightful products include S-PLUS®, Insightful Miner, StatServer®, S-PLUS Server® and InFact®. Insightful consulting services provide specialized expertise and proven processes for the design, development and deployment of customized solutions. The company has been delivering industry-leading, high-ROI solutions for 17 years to thousands of companies in financial services, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, telecommunications, manufacturing, plus government and research institutions.

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