PASSPORT Terminal Emulation Software Provides Single Sign-on for IBM and Unix Hosts

HOUSTON, TX - PASSPORT™ terminal emulation software can now be used to provide a single sign-on implementation for IBM and Unix host systems when used with the v-GO SSO® product from Passlogix®. PASSPORT terminal emulation provides access to IBM zSeries (3270), IBM iSeries (5250) and Unix (Telnet) host systems. The v-GO SSO single sign-on software product from Passlogix provides single sign-on to these host systems as well as client/server, web-based, desktop-based and other types of applications as well.


There are many benefits to using single sign-on with a 3270, 5250 or VT100/VT220 terminal emulator program: %%Increased Productivity – Employees that use computers may be required to have anywhere from 5 to 30 passwords to log into the various computer systems they need to access in order to perform their jobs. In addition, these passwords may expire every 30 days. Managing these passwords is a time intensive task and is a productivity loss for these computer users as well as help desk support personnel.

  • Universal Single Sign-on – Assigning a single userid and password to an employee can provide access not only to multiple host mainframe applications, but can also provide access to a web portal, web applications, client/server applications, desktop applications, dial-up and VPN applications as well as others. Web single sign-on is an important benefit.

  • Security - Several authentication options including LDAP, PKI and strong authentication are provided by the v-GO SSO product. In addition, PASSPORT terminal emulation provides SSL data encryption for terminal emulation sessions. Health care providers are now required to secure privacy under HIPAA health care regulations. Many financial institutions are required to protect customer information under the Graham Leach Bliley Act (GLBA). These security regulations can be implemented using PASSPORT terminal emulation with v-GO SSO single sign-on.

The Details

PASSPORT terminal emulation software provides all APIs and host connection features necessary for the Passlogix v-GO SSO product to perform single sign-on to the following host systems:

  • IBM zSeries (S/390) using TN3270 host access

  • IBM iSeries (AS/400) using TN5250 host access

  • Unix host systems using Telnet, VT-100 and VT-220 host access

Passlogix v-GO SSO is preconfigured for use with Zephyr PASSPORT PC TO HOST and PASSPORT WEB TO HOST terminal emulator products. This makes the installation and configuration as quick and easy as possible. Passlogix single sign-on can be used enterprise wide or for a single group of users. The capability to automatically handle password change host screens is also provided.

PASSPORT PC TO HOST is a desktop based application, whereas PASSPORT WEB TO HOST is a web server deployed application. Using PASSPORT WEB TO HOST with Passlogix v-GO SSO can provide seamless integration between a corporate Intranet web portal and corporate mainframe applications.

About Zephyr

Zephyr Development Corporation is committed to delivering high-quality, affordable TN3270, TN5250, VT100/VT220 and SCO ANSI terminal emulation software and host access solutions. Zephyr offers subscription based licensing that substantially reduces the cost of terminal emulation software. Founded in 1985, Zephyr is a member of IBM® PartnerWorld, Microsoft® MSDN, Cisco® EAP, and the IETF. Zephyr headquarters are in Houston, Texas and can be accessed on the web at

About Passlogix

Founded in 1996, Passlogix develops software products that facilitate and secure business by managing the user name and passwords for enterprise clients. v-GO Single Sign-On (SSO) is a patented client-based security software platform that enables single sign-on. Passlogix headquarters are in New York, NY and can be accessed on the web at


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