OctetString Announces Virtual Directory Engine 3.0

Latest generation virtual directory technology provides simplified configuration, accelerated deployment and greater extensibility

SCHAUMBURG, ILLINOIS (July 20, 2004) - OctetString, a leading developer of virtual technology for connecting and transforming identity information between enterprise systems, announced today the next generation of its flagship Virtual Directory Engine (VDE) software.

Enhancements and additions to VDE 3.0 deliver simplified configuration, accelerated deployment and greater extensibility to users:

  • Advanced Management System - Based on Eclipseâ„¢ 3.0, the world's most popular open-source rich-client platform, the VDE 3.0 management console provides an easy way to manage multiple OctetString servers in one or more data centers from a single point. In addition to core features, such as integrated version control, the management system provides direct integration with many third-party tools.

  • Web Services - Native support for Web services at integration and data access layers allows customers using a variety of application and system platforms to access directly and control the virtual directory software. For example, system administrators can query directly the status and current users of the server with a few lines of Perl or by using a Web services-aware operations console.

  • Granular Plug-in System - Administrators and developers can create custom extensions to VDE 3.0 for compartmentalized functionality that meets specific business and technical requirements. These plug-ins can be strung together to provide combined and reusable functionality across the system. OctetString bundles several plug-ins, including those that perform operation-level auditing, helping enterprises comply with regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA.

  • Bi-Directional Mapping System - Based on the popular Python scripting language, OctetString's mapping system gives administrators the ability to perform complex data manipulation without the need to learn new proprietary or complicated programming languages. This provides an enterprise with unprecedented flexibility for supporting identity access from new applications.

  • Dynamic View Creation - A single instance of VDE 3.0 can actively and easily support different views of the same data for multiple applications at once. This makes adding new applications to the virtual directory fast and non-invasive.

"A comprehensive directory services infrastructure includes virtual directory capabilities, a technology that continues to evolve and mature," said Burton Group senior analyst Gerry Gebel. "Enterprises are seeking virtual directory tools that can be deployed quickly and meet the challenges of managing identity data that is spread across several repositories."

"Version 3.0 of the Virtual Directory Engine has been over a year in the making and represents a significant leap forward," said Clayton Donley, CTO of OctetString. "This generation of virtual directory technology is more mature than anything else available to customers trying to solve identity access issues without performing physical consolidation."

The 3.0 upgrade is available free of charge to OctetString VDE customers with active maintenance agreements. New customers may license the software for a per-server fee from OctetString and its global network of reseller and integrator partners.

About OctetString's Virtual Directory Engine (VDE)

OctetString's VDE Suite connects applications to sources of identity information, including LDAP, RDBMS, Active Directory, or Windows NT Domain-based. Information from one or more of these identity repositories can be joined, federated or otherwise virtually consolidated to present a single view of identities to applications via LDAP, XML, and JDBC. VDE is 100 percent Pure Java and is certified on platforms that include Windows, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, and Linux. OctetString VDE technology has been incorporated into many world-class products, including BEA WebLogic Server version 7 and all versions since. More information about VDE and a free trial download of OctetString products are available at http://www.octetstring.com.

About OctetString, Inc.

OctetString provides rapid deployment directory middleware solutions for large companies that need to access identities from multiple repositories and share data among numerous applications and platforms without compromising data integrity or incurring additional infrastructure costs. The company is based in Schaumburg, Illinois. Reach OctetString toll-free in North America at 866.868.8882. International callers dial +1 847.358.9358.