MPC Computers Introduces the DataFRAME 440 iSCSI SAN

Newest offering provides dramatic increase in performance

NAMPA, Idaho, Feb. 6 -- MPC Computers today announced the DataFRAME 440 Storage Area Network (SAN). This product replaces MPC's DataFRAME 420, and provides a substantial increase in performance due to hardware and software enhancements.

The DataFRAME 440's 3U form factor supports 16 hot-swappable 250GB or 500GB SATA II hard drives, with up to 8TB of storage per enclosure. Additionally, the new product offers greater RAID performance and flexibility including the support for hot-spare hard drives. The DataFRAME 440 also features hot-swappable hard drives, hot-swappable power supplies, and redundant cooling for maximum uptime and reliability. Additionally, users have the choice between iSCSI or Fibre Channel network connections.

The DataFRAME 440's unique architecture allows the system to scale in performance, capacity, and reliability simultaneously, so that the system is virtually unlimited in its ability to increase in capacity as a user's storage needs increase.

With the DataFRAME 440, IT administrators have an easy-to-use interface for managing storage provisioning and utilization through LeftHand Network's SAN/iQ management software. Features of the DataFRAME 440 management software include:

  • Storage Over-Subscription: One of IT's biggest challenges is upgrading system capacity as the organization outgrows its existing storage. With Storage Over-Subscription, an IT administrator can provision all the storage a server will ever need throughout its planned life, regardless of how much physical storage is available on the DataFRAME 440. As the DataFRAME 440 uses up physical disk space, it will alert the IT administrator to add additional capacity to the SAN, which is done seamlessly and eliminates server down time.

  • Scalability Software: Allows automatic clustering and virtualization between multiple DataFRAME 440s. This capability provides for system scalability and for data replication between DataFRAME 440s. In the event that a DataFRAME 440 fails, an organization's data is still available on the network with no downtime involved in the recovery.

  • Automated Snapshot: Enables an administrator to instantaneously back up a volume of any size. This feature also allows the IT administrator to schedule snapshots automatically at timed intervals.

  • Data Protection: Provides the ability to back up data to another DataFRAME 440 that resides apart from the main system. The physical separation could be between buildings, campuses, states, or even countries. This enables an organization to have true disaster recovery protection in the event of a catastrophic event.

The DataFRAME 440 features:

  • Up to 4GB cache

  • 16 Hot-swap SATA II hard drives

  • Up to six gigabit Ethernet iSCSI/EBSD ports (10/100/1000)

  • Optional dual channel 2GB Fibre Channel network interface

  • Support for RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, and 50

  • LeftHand Network's SAN/iQ management software

DataFRAME 440 specifications include:

  • 3U rack-mount chassis with dual 700W power supplies

  • 16 250GB SATA II hard drives

  • 2GB (2x1GB) DDR cache

  • 2, 3.0GHz Intel(R) Xeon processor

  • Dual gigabit Ethernet iSCSI/EBSD (10/100/1000)

  • DataFRAME server console

Standard Service and Support

The DataFRAME 440 includes three years of on-site service, replacement parts and technical support as part of the standard configuration, with optional extensions for up to five years.

Optional Services

Two, four, or eight hour on-site service: Provides for mission-critical repair service at a customer's location. The necessary replacement parts will be shipped to meet the on-site technician within two, four or eight hours of being dispatched (depending on the customer's location). This service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for eligible customers.

Hard drive protection plan: This service allows customers to replace a failed hard drive while still protecting confidential data stored on the drive. MPC will ship a replacement hard drive, and the customer need only return an RMA form provided by MPC.


The DataFRAME 440 is available to order directly from MPC at or by calling (888) 224-4247.

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