Quadrant Software Releases FastFax V4.7.0

Updates eFax servers for the iSeries 400 and Windows enterprise

TAMPA, FL -- May 13, 2006 -- Quadrant Software today announced the immediate availability of version V4.7.0 of its line of eFax servers for the iSeries 400 and Windows enterprise.

The V4.7.0 release is available for all versions of FastFax including FastFax/Enterprise, FastFax/Ultra, and FastFax/LAN.

FastFax replaces manual fax machines with secure batch and interactive faxing from iSeries 400 running mission-critical business applications such as Infor, Oracle (JD Edwards), and SSA Global Technologies. FastFax products allow users to transmit, receive, and centrally manage their faxes, and in some cases e-mails, directly from their desktop.

Enhancements for FastFax/Enterprise V4.7.0 include:

Automatic Filing and Indexing of Faxes: FastFax automatically saves all faxes and e-mails -- both inbound and outbound -- as either a TIF or PDF file within a designated directory. Additionally, the FastFax administrator can easily determine the indexing criteria for those documents - thus allowing users to quickly find and retrieve saved communications and enhance document management and imaging efforts. FastFax also integrates with archival packages such as IntelliChief, Vanguard, Gauss, and RVI.

Automatic Inbound Fax Confirmation: In addition to the alerts provided in previous releases, FastFax now alerts senders that their faxes have been received. Upon receipt of a fax from a designated source, FastFax will automatically send a one page confirmation containing an image of the received transmission to the sender, thus strengthening the effectiveness of the communication channels.

Increased Integration and Features: Additional API commands have been added to FastFax V4.7.0 thus providing for additional integration and features, including:

  • Send e-mails in batch, as well as affix documents as individual attachments or combine them into a single attachment. This improves communications by allowing users to send a single e-mail to a recipient versus bombarding them with numerous e-mails.

  • Integrate FastFax with business applications using XML and, consequently, update an application running on an iSeries 400 or Windows platform with the transmission status of the outgoing documents.

  • Increased integration for IntelliChief - Quadrant Software's comprehensive document management and imaging solution - for a complete Paperless Process Management solution that allows users to go paperless by intelligently managing all of their documents electronically.

Faster Disaster Recovery: FastFax V4.7.0 protects the continuity of business by allowing administrators to more quickly switch to a backup FastFax server, making disaster recovery less dependent on manual intervention.

Expanded Support for Managing Inbound and Outbound Faxes: Now supports clients of: Lotus Domino 7.0 and Novell GroupWise 7.0. In addition, all FastFax products now support IBM iSeries Operating System V5R4.


FastFax/Enterprise V4.7.0 starts at $10,700(USD)for new purchases. Upgrade is free for existing customers on maintenance who should realize substantial cost savings.

Version 4.7.0 is available immediately.

For more information, please contact us at (508)828-6222, or visit http://www.quadrantsoftware.com. Customers who wish to upgrade to version 4.7.0 should follow this link. http://www.quadrantsoftware.com/customer/upgrade_request.htm

About FastFax

Over the years, FastFax has been credited with improving user efficiency and saving overhead costs for Global 2000 companies. It transmits, receives, and centrally manages faxes to and from the iSeries, Windows 2000/NT servers, Novell NetWare servers, and Windows platforms. It seamlessly integrates with business applications including Infor, Oracle (JD Edwards), SSA Global Technologies, Infinium, SSA BPCS, SSA PRMS, Infor MAPICS and many others. Additionally, FastFax allows users to manage faxes directly from familiar e-mail clients including Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, Novell GroupWise, and SMTP servers.

About Quadrant Software

Quadrant Software, an IBM Business Partner, has nearly two decades of experience providing paperless process management (PPM) solutions engineered for mission-critical environments. Started as a pioneer in fax server technology, today Quadrant Software provides enterprise-class PPM applications to Global 2000 companies and in a variety of industries. Their suite of integrated solutions includes document management, electronic forms, fax servers, MICR checks, barcode labels, and workflow products. Over the years, they have helped companies reduce expenses, increase productivity, and improve communication. For more information on Quadrant Software visit http://www.quadrantsoftware.com or call 508-828-6222 in the US, +44 (0) 870 900 0621 in Europe.

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