ExaSearch Works Across Multiple Sources, Clustered NAS

Exanet, a clustered NAS vendor, releases enterprise-class search solution

Exanet today released ExaSearch, an enterprise-class search engine that can search multiple sources, including file servers, e-mail systems, groupware, and databases, and can process unstructured data and queries. It allows immediate access to new content through real-time indexing. ExaSearch integrates with the company’s flagship ExaStore software to provide searches of clustered NAS.

In a statement, Exanet CEO Rami Schwartz said, “For our customers, locating files with required information among the billions of files within their storage pool presents a real challenge. It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. Most search applications lack the capabilities of simple integration with storage systems and do not deliver results over multiple applications and multiple protocols in a fast and accurate manner.”

Tony Asaro, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group, noted that “Federated search enables leaps in efficiency since it creates commonality where none otherwise exists. It enables you to leverage all of your content independent of the various applications.”

ExaSearch is available now. Pricing is based on storage capacity purchased. More information can be found at http://www.exanet.com.

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