TDWI Audio Report: Does BI Consolidation Open a Door for Open Source?

History shows that periods of heavy mergers and acquisitions, such as we’re seeing now in the business intelligence software sector, are followed by periods of slow innovation, as large companies focus on integrating their acquisitions. That’s one of the observations of JasperSoft CEO Brian Gentile, who sees the agility of open source BI offering an alternative to the high price points, and complex features and architecture of the largest BI packages.

In this interview with Brian Gentile, CEO of JasperSoft, he discusses what he sees as the weaknesses in many of today’s largest business intelligence products: high price points that require authorization up to the very top of the enterprise, overly complex features that few users care about or master, and complicated, dated architectures.

Gentile argues that those shortcomings point to a clear opening for open source BI software, which is smaller, less expensive, less feature-ridden, and based on simpler, more current architectures.

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