TDWI Audio Report: How New Technologies Affect ETL

ETL technology has certainly not been stagnant, and neither have the many technologies surrounding it. Sweeping changes in users, technology, and culture have affected how this tool is used and by whom. We talk with Arman Eshraghi, CEO of LogiXML, about what ETL users need to know about how changes to technology have affected ETL.

Changes in technology have changed how ETL (extract, transform and load) tools are viewed and used. For example, many more users, with a far wider range of job titles and skills, now access business data. Data is also more distributed, and XML has become an industry standard.

Although ETL is an old standard by now, technology shifts have also led to an overall change in the culture and use of ETL. In this interview, LogiXML CEO Arman Eshraghi discusses what effects those changes have had on ETL tools themselves.

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