TDWI Audio Report: Wayne Eckerson on Predictive Analytics and the BI Executive Summit

There’s keen interest in predictive analytics by TDWI conference attendees, so it’s no wonder it will be the focus of TDWI’s BI Executive Summit being held August 18-20 in San Diego. In this interview, Wayne Eckerson, TDWI’s director of research explains what the technology is, how it works, and how it can deliver a significant return on your investment.

Now that you’ve built your data warehouse and deployed your BI tools, what’s next? How do you leverage the data to deliver even more business value? Predictive analytics is one answer, which is the focus of TDWI’s BI Executive Summit (being held in San Diego August 18-20).

TDWI Research Director Wayne Eckerson explains why he chose analytics as the focus of the summit, which will bring together BI directors and sponsors from diverse industries for two days of dialogue and interactive learning focused on analytics, BI, performance management, and data warehousing.

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