2008 IT Salary Survey Results

From staff to management, IT salaries are on the move

Salaries and bonuses for IT pros have stabilized or are growing slightly since we surveyed IT professionals one year ago -- but like our 2007 survey, we found that salaries for several management positions are still on the roller-coaster ride.

Our 2008 Salary Survey summarizes the results of 691 enterprise IT respondents conducted by Enterprise Systems. The latest salary survey tracked salary figures for IT managers and professionals across a broad spectrum of organizations. Along with nine management positions (from CIO to Internet manager/director, our survey covered nine IT line positions, including applications systems analysts, programmer/analysts, application programmers, system programmers, network administrators, system administrators, database administrators, storage administrators, and, for the first time, security administrators.

In Part 1 of our series on IT salaries, we look at how IT staff -- from programmers to systems administrators -- are compensated. We examine salary differentials based on skill and experience level, and show you that every position experienced gains.

Part 2 examines trends in compensation for IT executives: mostly higher but uneven. We also note bright spots among executive compensation.

Part 3 focuses on the geographic differences in salaries. When it comes to earning the highest salary, the east and west coasts still dominate, just as they did last year. We look at variations in salary and bonuses for IT positions across the U.S., and tell you which industry pays techies the most.

Part 4 concludes with a look at job and salary satisfaction, as well as perceptions about job outsourcing.

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