Updated RecoverGuard Ensures Disaster Recovery, Application Availability for Private Clouds

Enhancements to testing and monitoring solution include Private Cloud Advisor, HP XP storage support

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Continuity Software, a disaster recovery (DR) and high-availability (HA) management solutions provider, today released RecoverGuard version 5.2 with Private Cloud Advisor that enables customers to fully ensure availability, recoverability, and adherence to industry best practices in the private cloud. In addition, RecoverGuard v5.2 now provides support for HP XP storage and thus expands its support all enterprise-class data center platforms.

RecoverGuard provides a comprehensive, enterprise-class, high-availability and disaster recovery vulnerability detection solution for both physical and/or virtualized environments. It can identify cross-platform data protection risks and delivers high-availability validation as well as resource and performance optimization. RecoverGuard includes over 4,000 risk signatures in a dynamic, auto-updated knowledgebase (approximately 100 new signatures are added each month).

“While private clouds can offer tremendous business benefit in terms of server consolidation and allocating IT expense across the organization, they also introduce IT management complexity. Specifically, private clouds introduce abstraction layers which lead to service availability issues such as hidden single points of failure, failing high availability relocations and best practice and SLA violations. Recoverability (DR) and data protection challenges are also introduced, as private cloud technology is not storage aware,” said Gil Hecht, founder and CEO of Continuity Software.

“RecoverGuard v5.2 enables customers to completely eliminate these risks and vulnerabilities -- essentially making the cloud, infrastructure aware. RecoverGuard v5.2 delivers a complete, end-to-end solution for validating and assuring both recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO) in both physical and/or virtualized environments -- thereby allowing customers to fully ensure business continuity.”

More information is available at www.continuitysoftware.com.

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