Integrate Access Points with Existing Security Policies with Astaro

Flexible placement options, quick deployment ensure secure and reliable wireless connectivity throughout the entire office

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Astaro, a unified threat management (UTM) vendor, has released Astaro Wireless Security that augments any Astaro Security Gateway with wireless functionality, eliminating the need for dedicated wireless appliances.

Astaro Wireless Security includes a subscription that turns the Astaro Security Gateway into a wireless controller. Additionally, Astaro offers Astaro Wireless Access Points to be placed throughout an organization as needed to extend wireless connectivity. The new approach integrates seamlessly with the security policy in place and thus offers the same level of UTM security to wireless clients as if they were connected via LAN.

The use of WLAN has many advantages when compared to LAN. To install WLAN, no structural changes (such as drilling holes and installing cables) are necessary. Wireless networks can easily be adapted and expanded because their topology is not influenced by their environment. WLAN allows employees to access important information via mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets from anywhere within the organization, increasing efficiency and productivity. In addition to providing public hot spots and comfortable guest Internet access, the deployment of wireless access points also allows the effortless connection of additional clients to the LAN.

Despite these advantages, many organizations are reluctant to invest in a wireless network infrastructure, as existing solutions are expensive, complex and difficult to secure.

“It is important to ensure that a wireless solution fits seamlessly into the infrastructure in place, especially into firewalls and other security systems,” said Gert Hansen, vice president of product management at Astaro. “With existing solutions, this is hard work. As a result, companies either refrain from installing Wi-Fi altogether or they use cheaper consumer access points. This can be dangerous for the business, as they provide a much lower level of security. Astaro Wireless Security protects all wireless clients with the same high level of UTM security that is in place for devices connected via LAN.”

Astaro Wireless Security offers the following features:

  • Quick Deployment: Thin access points (802.11n) allow the creation of secure and reliable wireless networks within minutes. Astaro Access Points are configuration-less and can be placed anywhere in an organization -- no reconfiguration of network switches needed.

  • Central Management: Complete configuration, logging, and troubleshooting of all wireless zones are performed within the Astaro Security Gateway, which acts as a wireless controller and offers a central view of all wireless clients.

  • Integrated Security: Seamless integration of all wireless zones into the security framework offers instant UTM protection for all wireless clients.

  • Strong Encryption: State-of-the-art wireless encryption and authentication standards ensure a secure wireless connection.

  • Secure Guest Internet Access: Setting up wireless guest Internet access is easy, without the risk of compromising the integrity of the internal network.

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