Oracle Enhances MySQL Enterprise Edition

Increases MySQL manageability, raises performance

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MySQL Enterprise Edition is a comprehensive subscription offering that includes MySQL Database plus monitoring, backup, and design tools, with 24x7 worldwide customer support.

This release adds MySQL Enterprise Backup and MySQL Workbench and enhances MySQL Enterprise Monitor.

Recent integration with MyOracle Support allows MySQL customers to access the same support infrastructure used for Oracle Database customers. Joint MySQL and Oracle customers can experience faster problem resolution by using a common technical support interface.

MySQL Enterprise Edition supports multiple operating systems including Linux and Windows.

Enhancements in MySQL Enterprise Edition include:

  • Integration with MyOracle Support: Allows MySQL customers to benefit from Oracle’s 24x7 support infrastructure. Also allows existing Oracle Database customers that may be using MySQL Database for Web and departmental applications to receive MySQL technical support via their existing MyOracle Support environment.

  • MySQL Enterprise Monitor 2.3: Introduces new rules and graphs that help users further optimize the performance and availability of MySQL Database and MySQL Cluster. The release also includes new MySQL, InnoDB and operating system-specific graphs that improve visual monitoring of key systems for real-time and historical trending purposes.

  • MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.5: Enables organizations to perform hot online backup of MySQL Databases. Improves data integrity and uptime by supporting full, incremental, and partial backups, as well as point-in-time recovery and backup compression.

  • MySQL Workbench 5.2: Provides data modeling, SQL development and comprehensive administration tools, enabling users to visually design, model, generate, and manage MySQL Databases.

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