Jitterbit 4.0 Connects Business with IT, Simplifies Cloud Integration

New features enhance productivity and collaboration between business and IT; wizards simplify integration for Web services, XML, databases, and flat files.

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Jitterbit, a provider of application and data integration solutions, has released Jitterbit 4.0, the company’s solution for on-premise and cloud integration. Jitterbit 4.0 eases IT/business collaboration, simplifies cloud integration, and accommodates big data requirements.

Connecting cloud, SaaS, and other internal applications is a business and IT priority. Jitterbit offers a simplified approach to integration for IT and business analysts, offering easy, out-of-the-box integration to hundreds of enterprise applications and an intuitive drag-and-drop design. Its unique “no-coding” approach allows users to graphically configure and manage their cloud integration and on-premise application and data integration projects.

Hybrid cloud and on-premise infrastructures are driving the rapid growth of globalized business data, creating increased demand for flexible technologies that can keep up. Jitterbit 4.0 adds features to boost productivity and collaboration between business analysts and IT during complex integration projects, multi-lingual support for global teams and information, and high-performance processing to accommodate the growth in big data.

Jitterbit 4.0 new features and functionality provide:

  • Business and IT collaboration: A completely revamped user interface with new features that enhance integration productivity and enable collaboration between business analysts and IT to define and complete complex integration projects. New features include automated data mapping tools, “no coding” transformation and formula wizards, and “business analyst” and “developer” modes.

  • Simplified cloud integration: Jitterbit Connect wizards allow non-technical users to quickly integrate their cloud and on-premise applications using Web services, XML, databases, and flat files. The Jitterbit Connect for Salesforce wizard has been updated to support Create, Update, Upsert, and Query calls.

  • Support for global and big data: Jitterbit features new levels of performance power to scale for complex, high-volume integration while simplifying testing of large data sets. Unicode support allows Jitterbit to connect any data from any language or country. Global search and replace allows for one-click edits across large integration projects.

Jitterbit 4.0 is immediately available in Professional and Enterprise editions that meet both mid-size and Fortune 2000 integration needs. A free 30-day trial of Jitterbit is available at http://www.jitterbit.com/try.

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