BridgeSTOR Releases iSCSI/NAS and DPM Storage

High-density compressed, deduplicated solution targeted at DPM users.

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BridgeSTOR LLC has launched BridgeSTOR AOS High Density DPM Storage Appliance and the AOS High Density Network Storage Appliance.

The AOS High Density DPM Storage Appliance is the second advanced data reduction offering from BridgeSTOR specifically designed for DPM users. The cost-, energy-, and rack-space-efficient storage enables DPM and iSCSI/NAS users to shrink their storage capacity needs by up to 4:1 (75 percent). 

BridgeSTOR uses the power of a specialized processor that operates in the data path to dramatically reduce the size of DPM and iSCSI SAN and NAS data prior to its being stored on disk drives. BridgeSTOR AOS appliance storage typically shrinks DPM and iSCSI SAN and NAS (filer) storage needs by harnessing inline data deduplication and compression.

BridgeSTOR AOS High Density appliances supply the block-level interface required for iSCSI SAN and DPM Storage Pools and the NAS/NFS/CIFS interface required for file access while transparently providing inline, hardware-accelerated data deduplication and compression to minimize storage capacity requirements. Optional dual-active configurations enable the deployment of BridgeSTOR AOS High Density appliance storage in high-availability applications.

With an MSRP of $325.00 per Terabyte in a 128 Terabyte RAID 6 (dual parity) configuration, BridgeSTOR AOS High Density appliances are economical solutions to enterprise storage needs.  Occupying just 4U of rack space, the 128 Terabyte storage sub-system presents a far smaller data center footprint than legacy storage products.

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