CloudLock Launches Digital Vault for Companies Using Google Apps

CloudLock Vault adds data retention to Google Docs for compliance with industry regulations.

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CloudLock has released its latest Google Apps security application, CloudLock Vault. Now available within CloudLock's flagship solution, CloudLock for Google Apps, the new solution provides a secure, tamper-proof location natively within enterprises' Google Docs domain so critical information is never misused or deleted.

CloudLock's new CloudLock Vault application adds centralized data retention policy management by offering a secure storage area in Google Docs where files cannot be deleted or modified. Users create or upload files into their CloudLock Deposit Box and CloudLock Vault automatically sweeps them into a special account where they are protected from modification or deletion. This functionality lets organizations retain data to meet data governance initiatives and comply with industry standards including HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), and other international regulations.

Organizations also can facilitate business processes and workflows to streamline data retention policies, preserve and retain data for specific projects and departments, and collect and retain documents from multiple locations on Google Docs into a single repository. In areas where a repeatable process is necessary, such as vendor bidding, this functionality represents a strategic capability.

Additional CloudLock Vault features include:

  • Tamper-proof: Data in the vault cannot be deleted or modified
  • Fully viewable and searchable: Data in the vault is accessible for viewing-only by their owners; users can search the repository for their files using Google's native search capabilities
  • Full audit trail: All CloudLock Vault deposits are recorded in the Google Apps audit log
  • Shared and private deposit boxes: CloudLock Vault offers shared deposit boxes (Google Docs collections) that allow access to a group as well as individual private deposit boxes
  • Universal access: CloudLock Vault allows users to deposit and access data in the vault from anywhere
  • Keep your data in Google Docs: Your data is protected in Google Docs and is not given to a third party

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