Lucid8’s New Exchange Protection Manager Provides Continuous Back-Up, Easy Granular Recovery of Exchange Server

EPM cuts Exchange backup and granular recovery times with high-performance SinglePass VSS technology.

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Lucid8 LLC today released a new product, Exchange Protection Manager (EPM) that gives Exchange administrators the power to continuously protect mission-critical messaging information to disk with unmatched speed, flexibility, and convenience at a breakthrough price. EPM helps organizations wrestling with the time, expense, and reliability of Exchange backups and recovery, providing low-impact, high-performance SinglePass™ protection and granular restores of Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, 2007, or 2003 starting at $399 per server for unlimited mailboxes.  EPM replaces the company's DigiVault solution.

EPM’s GUI provides administrators with a simple and easy-to-understand workflow while supporting tight backup windows through high-performance, SinglePass VSS technology. EPM cuts Exchange backup and recovery times by 50 percent or more while providing continuous data protection Recovery Points as frequently as every 15 minutes, ensuring Exchange data and user productivity are protected.

In order to provide granular mailbox and item level recovery, many solutions require a first pass (database backup) and a second pass (Brick/Mailbox or a special “Granular Level” backup). EPM utilizes a subset of Lucid8’s DigiScope eDiscovery and Recovery product (Lucid8’s EDB-API) so administrators can recover a database, mailbox, folder, message, calendar, note, task, or other messaging item directly from any EPM Recovery Point even while users stay connected, uninterrupted, and productive during the restoration. EPM also removes the need to restore backups to Recovery Storage Groups (RSGs) or to the Recovery Database (RDB).

EPM’s continuous rollup technology ensures constant incremental protection, further reducing the need for full backups. The product’s integration with Lucid8’s DigiScope solution provides advanced eDiscovery, recovery, and export from the EPM catalog.

EPM includes these backup and recovery features:

  • Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) provides fast and consistent backups without affecting production Exchange Server performance
  • A non-Exchange proxy can be designated to do the “heavy lifting” during backup and recovery to further reduce Production Server overhead
  • Changes can be applied without requiring new full backups, reducing full backup requirements to once a month or less
  • Backup from non-production Exchange 2010 DAG Servers eliminates CPU and IO load from production servers
  • Use legacy tape backups against the EPM catalog to minimize overhead and enable offsite archival
  •  Instantly restore databases, mailboxes, or specific items directly from any EPM Recovery Point without using RSGs or RDBs
  • With DigiScope, administrators have direct integrated access to the EPM recovery catalog for advanced eDiscovery, recovery, and export
  • EPM Recovery Points are conveniently stored in EPM’s catalog system where they are available for offsite archival via legacy tape backup
  • Retention allows administrators to keep as much or as little historical data within the EPM catalog as their organization requires
  • Data sets can be exported to any location (with optional compression and encryption) for storage or alternate server recovery

EPM is available both through Lucid8 and third-party sales channels. More information and pricing details are available at

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