Prism Releases New Security, IT Infrastructure Solutions

Trio of products protect data, reduce unplanned outages, display health and security of IT infrastructure.

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Prism Microsystems, a SIEM solutions provider for midsize enterprises, has released EventTracker Security Center, EventTracker Operation Center, and EventTracker PULSE.

EventTracker Security Center, a new part of Prism’s enterprise SIEM and log management solutions, provides a comprehensive way for enterprises to address their security challenges including theft of data (both unwarranted access and copying), malicious destructive behavior, end-user abuse, administrator abuse (including unauthorized policy changes), malware, and external attacks.

EventTracker Operation Center provides unparalleled visibility into the inner workings of the IT infrastructure. EventTracker Operations Center improves overall productivity and reduces the total cost of ownership by keeping IT infrastructure in its best shape. It provides real-time alerting and correlation that significantly improves IT availability by reducing unplanned outages and it helps help-desk staff be proactive during downtime and discover the source of problems when they occur.

EventTracker PULSE provides valuable insight into the health and security of a company’s IT infrastructure. It allows users to gather logs from sources such as Windows, Unix/Linux, and network devices such as Cisco and applications. Logs are then indexed, compressed, and stored on the file system for later analysis. EventTracker Pulse includes a powerful search interface to look for interesting things in the stored events and the results of searches can be saved and exported. It answers the questions: What happened, when did it happen, and who or what caused it?

“EventTracker is used to monitor all enterprise IT assets regardless of location (on premise real, or virtual, or cloud based). Safety and security are critical needs for any enterprises’ proprietary information,” said A.N. Ananth, CEO and cofounder, Prism Microsystems. “All EventTracker solutions are designed to meet the security, compliance, and operational needs of organizations with 100 to 10,000 devices in their infrastructure, protecting against inside and outside threats.”

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