Precise’s New Virtual Appliance Targets Transaction Performance

Enterprise TPM solution helps accelerate private cloud deployments.

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Precise has released a solution to help customers get started with end-to-end management of their enterprise systems. Using a lightweight virtual appliance, Precise customers can deploy it within minutes, making it ideal for managing new private cloud applications.

Unlike previous generations of application performance technology which require the provisioning, deployment, and configuration of a new server, the new Precise Virtual Appliance is simply downloaded, named, and made available to the network.

The rise of virtualization has made virtual appliances popular due to their self-sufficiency and rapid installation. Precise customers can become productive with basic transaction performance management (TPM) metrics within hours, achieving a return-on-investment in some cases within a few days. The Precise Virtual Appliance is particularly useful for customers with dynamic private cloud applications, giving them the agility needed by their complex environments.

Key benefits of Precise Virtual Appliance include:

  • Rapid installation over the cloud

  • Does not require any special oradditional hardware and infrastructure

  • Dynamic ability to automate and plug in Precise monitoring for new applications and technologies

  • Supports physical, virtual, cloud, and hybrid environments with one solution

  • Unified management and administration of all frameworks in the cloud

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