Ixia Updates Enterprise Data Center Testing Solution

Solution helps data center managers efficiently test enterprise networks.

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Ixia, a global provider of converged IP network test solutions, has updated its testing solution to meet the needs of evolving enterprise data centers. Ixia’s latest IxNetwork v6.00 test application introduces an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), productivity tools, and automated test suites. The software, combined with higher-density and more-flexible hardware, overcomes enterprise testing barriers, including insufficient test reproducibility.

Traditionally, enterprise data center managers did not engage or invest in network testing, as infrastructure upgrades were routine and involved little risk to the quality and stability of applications and services. Today, however, with the prominence of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, dynamically-provisioned cloud services, and reliance on wireless devices for content delivery, lack of planning and testing can lead to severe downtimes and financial impact. This massive transformation of data center infrastructure, as well as fundamental changes to traffic flows and capacity strains, require data center managers to test their networks for performance, capacity, and service delivery prior to deployment and on a continuous basis.

Ixia’s IxNetwork test application provides out-of-the-box testing through simple traffic generation, fast network emulation, and user-friendly automation. It is appropriate for the novice user, with a GUI designed with click-through automation that makes configuration test scenarios simple. IxNetwork offers pre-packaged performance benchmarking tests for different devices across the data center, including converged network adapters (CNA) and storage endpoints, ToR switches, FCoE switches, and virtualized servers.

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