SPAMfighter Exchange Module Version 4 Delivers Anti-Spam, Anti-Malware, and Content Filters for Policy-based E-mail Processing

New features bolster security from pushed e-mail threats in SMB Microsoft Exchange Server environments.

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SPAMfighter, a provider of anti-spam, antivirus and anti-malware solutions, has released SPAMfighter Exchange Module (SEM) version 4 that provides enhanced protection against pushed e-mail threats through policy-based e-mail processing. Version 4 delivers a host of new features and improved protection with the same Microsoft Exchange Server integration provided in previous versions of SPAMfighter Exchange Module (SEM). The upgrade is free for current SEM users.

The updated SEM version 4 includes a built-in POP3 connector, which system administrators can use to retrieve e-mails from external mail servers, scan them for spam and malware, and deliver them to local mailboxes. This feature is used to retrieve e-mails from mail servers in sub-divisions and deliver them to relevant parties within the organization or allows users to retrieve their personal e-mails and have them delivered in their personal work e-mail boxes.

SPAMfighter Exchange Server features:

  • Community/DNSBL/IP Address spam filtering for Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010. Several spam filters can be configured.
  • Fully integrated with Microsoft Exchange Server 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, and Microsoft Small Business Server.
  • A content filter with the inclusion of a white-list text analysis procedure.
  • Spam policy actions can be defined for individuals/user groups so that different departments can have unique sets of policies.
  • No Exchange server downtime due to SEM operation.
  • Works automatically with no configuration or maintenance needed.
  • Available in multiple languages: English, German, Danish, Dutch, French, Spanish.

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