Expert System Launches Cogito Search Explore Engine

Allows enterprises to access info from semantic technology.

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Expert System, a provider of semantic software that searches, discovers, classifies, and interprets unstructured text information, has released its new Cogito Search Explore Engine, which includes new features that address all the ways enterprises access data and information.

Semantic tagging creates the ability to both capture the information important to the enterprise and to filter data to further refine and enhance discovery in results.

Built on the Cogito semantic platform, Cogito SEE intercepts critical and relevant data from all the streams of information available. By combining the benefits of semantic tagging and semantic-based text comprehension, Cogito SEE allows the enterprise to leverage all the information organizations have access to and require to drive business strategies.

Cogito SEE provides the enterprise with access to information, enabling complex analysis with the same ease of basic search but with the power of semantic tagging and categorization. Cogito SEE provides customers with:

  • A point of access to structured and unstructured information including newsfeeds, social networks. and other Internet sources
  • An interface that enables visual navigation of tags, facets, as well as interaction with search results to discover new connections and data
  • Semantic search capability for multilanguage content
  • Automatic and customizable report generation to monitor and share evolving search details and results

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