Unbeaten Path Releases Needle in a Haystack

Application uses artificial intelligence to monitor the System i and reports on suspected errors.

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Unbeaten Path International has introduced Needle in a Haystack, software that aids in discovering and reporting serious data-entry mistakes within the IBM i and iSeries databases.

Needle in a Haystack uses artificial intelligence to learn which entries to the database are "normal" or expected. Whenever an entry occurs outside of the normal range, Needle sends an e-mail alert to the database guardian in real time. If the entry is, in fact, an error, it can be easily corrected before it costs the company money or creates a problem. If it is not an error, the software can be instructed to ignore that type of entry if it should ever recur in the future.

Needle in a Haystack gives managers real-time data accident alerts enabling them to stop invalid orders before they are launched, catch bad pricing before it's posted on the Web site, prevent customer credit embarrassments, and discover quality problems before they happen.

For more information, visit www.unbeatenpath.com.

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