ASG Releases Solution for Building, Provisioning, and Managing Clouds

Addresses private, public, and hybrid cloud needs.

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ASG Software Solutions has released Visionapp CloudFactory to help enterprises build, provision, and manage private, public, or hybrid cloud structures either at their own data center or through an external provider.

The building-block system is geared to companies of all sizes in all sectors. The solution consists of three core modules (CloudCockpit, CloudRobot and CloudShaper) and additional modules and services that cover the key areas of cloud operation.

CloudShaper is the back-end component that manages the automated and flexible provision of server, operating system, and application based on the virtualization platform. Tried-and-tested parameter and package templates for platform and computer roles, meanwhile, ensure a high level of automation. Compliance officers benefit from ITIL-compliant release management. The tamper-proof logging of the cloud environment (including patch management) coupled with rapid emergency recoveries relieve the administrators tasks; for example, it provides a rollback function to a specific former state.

CloudRobot is in overall charge, supplying everything down to the processes based on standardized interfaces. Single software items such as purchased and rental licenses can be easily managed with this tool. CloudRobot also stands out through its extreme flexibility when configuring cloud applications and also handles contract management. Further functions include precise reporting on use-based accounting models, intelligent self-services for user, partners, and customers, and multi-client capability.

The CloudCockpit module is the frontend. Designed to the very latest standards of user-friendliness, it provides convenient access to applications and service. Corporate data can be accessed from anywhere and any department -- always with maximum security. It provides everything for a personalized, intuitive, and easily adaptable workstation. The integrated single-sign-on function ensures high security. At the same time, access is managed with precision through authentication of end devices.

Visionapp CloudFactory's additional modules help tailor clouds precisely to the individual needs of companies and service providers.

  • CloudCompounder integrates and manages public cloud services. Hybrid clouds are managed from a management console and services aggregated in the CloudCockpit.
  • CloudAggregator provides the logic for automating, managing, and provisioning public cloud services, as well as integrating public cloud offers.
  • CloudExpander expands the private cloud with software from Visionapp partners. Integration is in line with the process detailed in the CloudGuidebook.

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