SpamTitan Technologies Launches Private Cloud Virtual Appliance for Anti-Spam Security

New SpamTitan On-Demand is single tenancy cloud-based virtual anti-spam solution for SMBs.

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SpamTitan Technologies, the makers of spam and Web filtering software, have released a new Cloud-based option of its highly-regarded SpamTitan anti-spam and anti-virus virtual appliance. SpamTitan On-Demand gives businesses instant access to their own private virtual appliance in the cloud.

SpamTitan appliance On-Demand provides the benefits of SpamTitan, including scaleability and redundancy, without the cost of deploying local resources or virtualization software. Small to midsized businesses receive high availability, performance, and reliability.

SpamTitan On-Demand gives SMBs that believe shared tenancy solutions are less secure the flexible benefits of cloud but with guaranteed privacy over their e-mail security. Using their own single tenancy cloud-based appliance, SMBs can configure SpamTitan On-Demand to their exact requirements and be ready to block spam in minutes. By simply clicking a link, users can access a hosted SpamTitan virtual appliance that allows them to instantly explore, configure, and use their own SpamTitan application.

Prices start at $650 for 50 users for one year, with no additional charges. For a fully featured, free 30-day trial of SpamTitan On-Demand, click here.

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