Egnyte Outlook Plug-In and Personal Local Cloud 6.0 Simplifies File Sharing

Enhances productivity, accelerates workflows

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Egnyte, a provider of cloud file server solutions, released its Personal Local Cloud 6.0 and the Egnyte Outlook e-mail plug-in. These tools empower users to browse and share files in the cloud directly from their desktops or within Microsoft Outlook. The Personal Local Cloud 6.0 and Egnyte Outlook e-mail plug-in build upon Egnyte's hybrid cloud solution, ensuring businesses have a simple way to access and share files, enhancing productivity and accelerating workflows.

The cloud has provided an efficient alternative to sharing media-rich files via e-mail, but many of these solutions were not designed to meet the security needs of businesses. Egnyte Cloud File Server delivers flexible access and sharing -- any time, anywhere, on any device -- with the visibility and control required for safe file sharing. For faster file access, customers add Personal Local Cloud, which combines the speed and availability of local storage with the flexibility of the cloud in a hybrid solution. Local Cloud allows users to share, store, and manage files on their LAN.

Egnyte adds new functionalities with its Personal Local Cloud 6.0 and Egnyte Outlook e-mail plug-in. Both tools bring the cloud to the business user's desktop and Outlook, streamlining and simplifying cloud access and file sharing.

The latest version of Egnyte's Personal Local Cloud provides several unique functionalities to enhance file sharing among business users:

  • Visual sync indicator on each file and folder, enabling users to quickly affirm that each file is up to date

  • Ability to share files by generating links directly from the desktop

  • Seamless enforcement of all business policies set by the company administrator, such as access rights and link expiration rules

Egnyte Outlook e-mail plug-in enhances Microsoft Outlook in several ways:

  • Enables seamless access to a user's files in the Egnyte Cloud Server directly from Outlook

  • Easy folder navigation, with the choice to send files as attachments

  • Ability to generate links to share files and folders with associates

  • Like Egnyte Personal Local Cloud 6.0, it fully enforces business policies set in the cloud

Egnyte Personal Local Cloud 6.0 and Egnyte Outlook e-mail plug-in are available immediately. Additional information is available at

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