Vormetric Transparently Encrypts SAP Environments

High-performance data security solution works across all SAP modules.

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Vormetric, Inc., an enterprise systems encryption and key management solutions provider, has released Vormetric Data Security for SAP to protect data in SAP environments with transparent, high-performance encryption. SAP modules typically contain sensitive data under the jurisdiction of internal governance mandates or external regulations; they demand advanced protection from insider abuse and increasing external breaches. Vormetric Data Security for SAP provides strong encryption for complex environments without the need to modify application modules or underlying systems.

Vormetric provides strong data security while maintaining data availability for the crown jewels of corporate information -- human resources, finance, and supply-chain data -- has been deployed by Fortune 100 companies to secure data across complex SAP implementations. Vormetric’s solution requires no changes to SAP and protects information both inside and outside of databases without hindering performance. The solution protects both structured and unstructured data -- including SAP reports, archives, and database extracts.

To protect business-critical data, help organizations comply with regulatory mandates, and provide a safe harbor from data-breach disclosure laws, Vormetric Data Security secures SAP data wherever it resides. The solution also provides centralized, secure key management and strong separation of duties. Vormetric supports all leading databases, including IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and Informix.

Benefits of Vormetric Data Security for SAP include:

  • A single, consistent, transparent encryption method across all SAP modules

  • Fast implementation with no SAP application, database, or system changes

  • Low administrative overhead with simplified, secure, and centralized key management

  • Persistent security through intelligent, customizable data security policies

  • Strong separation of duties for ease of audit and insider threat protection

  • High performance for transaction-intensive SAP environments

“Typical SAP implementations are large, complex, and involve both structured data from databases and unstructured data such as reports, log files, database extracts, and archives. This sort of environment requires a unified encryption approach that is transparent to SAP,” said Ashvin Kamaraju, vice president, product development for Vormetric. “Vormetric Data Security for SAP, because it resides outside the application and database, can support the most demanding SAP environments with virtually no impact on response times or infrastructure modifications.”

Vormetric Data Security for SAP is available immediately from Vormetric and its business partners worldwide. More information is available at www.vormetric.com.

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