CollabNet TeamForge 6.1 Delivers Enterprise-Scale Agility

Agile development platform accelerates Apache Subversion network performance, automates governance.

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CollabNet has released CollabNet TeamForge 6.1, the latest version of the company’s agile software development platform. TeamForge 6.1 enables the adoption of agile methods across large-scale enterprises by accelerating Subversion file and code sharing across globally distributed teams, automating governance for large-scale communities, providing resources that enable social coding, and offering enterprise-grade tools.

These platform configuration capabilities reduce time to market by codifying the agile software development and organizational management practices that CollabNet’s customers have implemented over the past decade.

CollabNet TeamForge 6.1 includes a major architectural enhancement that overcomes enterprise WAN networking inefficiencies to deliver LAN-like performance. Users can check out large Subversion binaries and code in minutes rather than hours at distributed locations around the world. TeamForge 6.1 enables project teams to locally install CollabNet Subversion Edge and replicate repositories from the master TeamForge 6.1 Subversion server with just a few clicks.

CollabNet has leveraged the published and proven Subversion APIs to overcome these corporate network latency issues and enable local teams to perform resource-intensive ALM functions such as continuous builds and large Subversion file reads and writes while collaborating with the rest of the project team. In addition, the TeamForge 6.1 replication integration to Subversion Edge uses a distributed architecture to deliver high availability, fault tolerance, and load balancing while maintaining a central point of truth for governance and audit across all of the Subversion SCM repositories in the enterprise. CollabNet is the founder of the Subversion open source project and remains its principal corporate sponsor.

Automated Governance for Large-Scale Communities

TeamForge 6.1 enables organizations to map their software projects and IT assets to their business and product lines as “microsites,” driving IP reuse and providing management and teams with cross-organization insight. Companies can organize their projects in flexible hierarchies, with automatic inheritance of permissions and roles and re-use of global project templates. These microsites can be instantly provisioned for new development projects, eliminating traditional manual processes for adding team members and codifying rules for software delivery. Permissions, roles, and templates are controlled centrally, across projects and programs, ensuring enterprise-wide security and process compliance.

Social Coding for the Enterprise

TeamForge 6.1 provides the three essential components needed to drive cloud-based collaborative software development and deployment: ALM development tools, integrated collaboration tools, and the ability to organize and collaborate across projects within a community forge structure.

TeamForge enables social coding to flourish in even the largest, most distributed enterprises, increasing asset re-use, knowledge sharing, and efficiency. Microsite content can be dynamically updated through Web publishing, and improved social coding collaboration is enabled with discussion threads, RSS support, and Wikis, now featuring a rich set of community-developed utilities. Social content is automatically correlated with defects and project artifacts, driving traceability and software reuse.

Enterprise-Grade Tools

Enterprises with more than 50,000 distributed TeamForge users, collaborating securely within and outside of the organization, have created an unprecedented set of organized software development and deployment project data within a single enterprise cloud. A new TeamForge reporting and metrics framework, now featuring an open and accessible data mart, provides executives and teams alike with valuable insight and the ability to flexibly search, discover, and report on trends and artifacts within and across projects and programs.

Change and defect tracker functionality has been greatly enhanced to meet complex enterprise needs. In addition, TeamForge functionality is now accessible from within Microsoft Outlook, expanding an organization’s distributed development community.

A free license of the full version of CollabNet TeamForge, for use by a maximum of ten users, is now available for download. Additional information is available at

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