New IBM Analytics Technology Helps Clients Unlock Big Data

Appliance allows analysis of up to 10 petabytes of data in just minutes.

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IBM has unveiled a new analytics appliance that allows organizations to analyze up to 10 petabytes of data in a matter of minutes. The technology is designed to help industries uncover patterns and trends from large data sets while meeting compliance mandates.

The new IBM Netezza High Capacity Appliance addresses a growing challenge where organizations are amassing huge amounts of data. Banks, insurance companies, health-care organizations, and communications services providers are required by industry regulators to retain massive amounts of data -- in some cases up to a decade. As data retention laws continue to evolve, organizations are faced with a unique challenge to store and analyze ever-expanding "big data" sets that may not be directly related to daily operations yet still hold potential business value.

Using the new appliance, businesses can sift through petabytes of data including banking and mobile phone transactions, insurance claims, electronic medical records, and sales information. Companies can also analyze this information to reveal new trends on consumer sentiment, product safety, and sales and marketing effectiveness.

IBM Netezza appliances are workload-optimized systems based on IBM BladeCenter technology that analyze petabytes of data quickly and can be up and running in 24 hours. The appliance is the first to be delivered by IBM since it acquired Netezza in November 2010.

IBM Expands Big Data Analytics Portfolio

With this news, IBM is expanding its Big Data analytics portfolio with Netezza technology to help clients capture and analyze all types of data on a massive scale.

IBM Netezza technology joins IBM’s Hadoop-based BigInsights software, as well as Streams software -- both born in IBM Research -- creating a broad portfolio of workload optimized Big Data technologies. The software incorporates Watson-like technologies, including unstructured text analytics and indexing that allows users to analyze rapidly changing data formats and types on the fly.

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