Porticor’s Virtual Private Data System Combines Encryption, Key Management to Protect Cloud Data

Customers secure data with cloud-based encryption built for homomorphic key management; delivers security, trust of on-premise data protection systems for the cloud.

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Porticor, a cloud data security company, has introduced the Porticor Virtual Private Data (Porticor VPD) system that combines data encryption with key management features to protect critical data in public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.

Securing company and customer private data stored in the cloud is often difficult because of keys stored in the cloud. Now, enterprises can leverage Porticor’s homomorphic split-key encryption technology to ensure the privacy of data stored in the cloud and benefit from a cloud data protection system that delivers data security across virtual disks, databases, distributed storage, and file systems.

The Porticor VPD system is made up of the Porticor Virtual Appliance and the Porticor Virtual Key Management Service, delivering a high level of data privacy in a public environment for data protection and compliance to regulations such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI DDS, and GLBA while solving the issues raised by EU Data Protection and the U.S. Patriot Act. Using a unique technology, Porticor enables IaaS and PaaS cloud users to create a secured environment within minutes while completely eliminating the need to trust a security vendor or cloud provider with their encryption keys. This solves the biggest challenge for data encryption in the cloud -- storing the keys.

Porticor is a cost-effective virtual appliance that requires no encryption or key management experience to encrypt customers’ entire data layer with the proven AES 256-bit encryption algorithm within minutes. Porticor’s Virtual Key Management service, with split-key encryption technology and built for homomorphic key encryption, keeps the encryption key in the customer’s control, delivering a trusted cloud-based key management system.

With Porticor’s VDP, each data object, such as a disk or file, is encrypted with a unique key that is split in two: a master key and a specific key. The master key is common to all data objects of one application and remains the sole possession of the application owner and is unknown to Porticor. The second specific key is different for each data object and is stored by the Porticor Virtual Key Management Service. As the application accesses the data store, Porticor uses both parts of the key to dynamically encrypt and decrypt the data. When the master key is in the cloud, it will be homomorphically encrypted -- even when in use -- and can never be seen in the cloud.

The Porticor VPD system is available directly from Porticor at www.porticor.com/pricing-plans/. There is no download required, VPD is deployed in the cloud and managed from Porticor’s customer portal. Pricing starts at $27.50 per month per Porticor Virtual Appliance.

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