RainStor Releases Enterprise Database Running Natively on Hadoop

Offers faster analytics at lower operating cost, incorporates data compression with SQL query and MapReduce access to multi-structured data.

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RainStor, a Big Data management software provider, has released RainStor Big Data Analytics on Hadoop. The enterprise database runs natively on Hadoop, RainStor enables faster, more flexible analytics on multi-structured data without the need to move data out of the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) environment.

Building on RainStor’s database technology and expertise managing complex Big Data environments, the new product combines industry-leading compression -- up to 40x -- along with 10-100x faster analytics by providing both SQL access and MapReduce. The compressed multi-structured data set running on HDFS delivers maximum efficiency and reduces the cluster size by 50-80 percent, significantly lowering operating costs.

Hadoop has had a tremendous impact to enable enterprise analytics of Big Data at low cost. The Hadoop ecosystem is increasingly focused on enterprise features to add resilience, security. and flexible, high-performance analytics of multi-structured data for better business insights.

RainStor brings added value to new and existing Hadoop deployments with database technology and enterprise-grade features. Because RainStor provides the highest level of compression, data is reduced by up to 40x (97.5 percent) or more compared to raw data and requires no re-inflation when accessed. Faster analytics are achieved when this compression is combined with unique dynamic filtering at file, column, and row level, resulting in higher productivity from more efficient use of the Hadoop cluster. Compression, combined with enterprise database management features, also reduces storage and cluster size for lower operating costs.

RainStor big data analytics on Hadoop delivers:

  • An enterprise database running natively on Hadoop, enabling faster analytics

  • High data compression, with up to 40x reduction, compared to raw data typically stored in HDFS, with no re-inflation required for access

  • The ability to run faster query and analysis using both SQL query and MapReduce with 10-100x faster results

  • The ability to perform analytics directly in Hadoop, reducing the need to create copies and transfer data out

  • Reduced nodes in a Hadoop cluster with about 85 percent lower operating costs

For more information, visit http://www.rainstor.com.

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