Centrix Software Unveils WorkSpace iQ 5.3, WorkSpace Universal 5.3

Updated Centrix WorkSpace iQ gives deeper insight to IT decision-makers planning Windows 7 migrations; Centrix WorkSpace Universal features help enterprises manage user authentication into cloud and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications.

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Centrix Software, a workspace computing solutions provider, has released an update to Centrix WorkSpace iQ, an analytics solution for desktop transformation projects and large-scale desktop and application service delivery.

By providing visibility on actual IT consumption patterns through unique event-driven session analysis, WorkSpace iQ enables organizations to dramatically reduce the cost of maintaining software assets, streamline desktop transformation and make more informed decisions about new IT investments and sourcing methods. Centrix WorkSpace iQ 5.3 introduces a number of new reporting and analysis features:

Extract IT intelligence more quickly:

  • Automated Management Reporting: WorkSpace iQ now includes an automated management report output that displays the transformation, optimization, and cost saving opportunities in a variety of document formats so customers and consulting partners can share how and where efficiency can be delivered across software and hardware asset deployments and transformation programs.
  • Business Group Reporting: IT organizations can now define application, device and service requirements for business groups based on user information residing in other systems such as HR or ITAM. Powerful user segmentation analysis and reporting features have been added.
  • Integration with License Dashboard: Integration with license compliance reporting solutions from License Dashboard allows users to benefit from deeper reporting across license requirements, license right-sizing, and optimization, which can lead to savings of up to 40 percent on license renewal.

Accelerate Windows 7 migrations:

  • Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility Assessment: In addition to assessing user and application compatibility for Windows 7, WorkSpace iQ now includes an additional reporting feature that assesses hardware compatibility across the desktop environment for Windows 7 based on Microsoft system requirements.
  • Reporting on IE6 Use: WorkSpace iQ now assesses use of IE6-dependent applications so organizations can determine the impact of supporting IE6 applications when migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7 and define the best migration strategy for IE6-dependent applications.

Further enhancements include expanded event logging, improved document usage tracking and enriched usage reporting for applications delivered through App-V.

WorkSpace Universal 5.3

The company also updated Centrix WorkSpace Universal, its workspace delivery platform that provides unified access to applications, desktops, and content from any device and any location.

Part of the Centrix WorkSpace suite, Centrix WorkSpace Universal 5.3 provides a platform for unifying application service delivery in private cloud and hybrid computing environments. The release of WorkSpace Universal 5.3 brings new features for supporting the compliant use of software-as-a-service applications and dynamic application provisioning in private cloud environments. New features include:

  • Cloud Pass-through Authentication: Enterprise users of SaaS solutions have to provide a set of credentials to SaaS providers that are different from their ActiveDirectory account credentials. WorkSpace Universal 5.3 provides pass-through authentication to SaaS applications, automatically supplying the required credentials to SaaS providers on behalf of users. This minimizes management overheads for the IT team, lowers help desk costs and improves quality of service for users.
  • Content Launch Policy Control: “Launching a document” rather than opening an application to access their file can present a problem to organizations adopting a virtualization and SaaS infrastructure. Content Launch Policy Control sets a flexible policy by which content, documents, and files are dynamically associated with an appropriate application from a variety of provisioning options (local, virtual, or SaaS). Users can have easy access to their files without having to search for an appropriate application while allowing IT to maintain a consistent application use policy.
  • Admin Pad: Administration of WorkSpace Universal is greatly simplified by context sensitive Admin pads that provide easy, role-base controlled access to authorized administration functions.
  • Launch Pad: As users access WorkSpace Universal from any device and any location, Launch pads simplify the user experience with quick and easy access to key applications and content.

For more information, visit www.centrixsoftware.com.

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